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Why hire a wedding planner?

There are so many reasons as to why you should hire a wedding planner. Even if you have been planning your wedding since you were a kid, you can still benefit from hiring a planner. Between vendor research, managing your budget, creating a design plan, and everything in between...planning a wedding is enough to make even the most organized person stressed. Working with us can take a massive weight off of your and your partner's shoulders, so that when the day of your event arrives - you can sit back and take it all in.

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We Are the Experts

The biggest reason to hire a planner is because we know what we are doing. We oftentimes find ourselves considering scenarios that haven't crossed our clients' minds. Whether you are having a small, intimate wedding or an all out party, planning a wedding requires so much more than just picking out gorgeous centerpieces. We are connected with the top venues and vendors in the area and can make sure you have the BEST team of professionals to pull off your celebration. If any issues arise throughout the process, we are trained to know how to deal with them. We can help you navigate the tricky situations. How much should you ask your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses? When should you send out your save-the-dates? At the end of the day, an experienced planner is one the best investments you can make.

We Offer Personalized Service Packages

Depending on how much help you need, we offer a few different variations of packages. Our Partial Planning Package is great for the couples that need some extra guidance. In this package, some items we provide are our preferred vendor's list, additional planning meetings, and set up of your event.

If you have most of the planning handled, and need someone to focus more on the execution of the event, we recommend our Wedding Day Management package. This is our version of “day-of coordination”. We will be the point of contact for all of your vendors and will be managing the timeline of your day. This package includes 2 in person (or virtual if needed) meetings. The package also includes a rehearsal the week of the wedding and tear down at the end of the night. We will pack up your gifts, cards, and decorations and have them ready to be brought home.

Our smallest package, that can be booked at any point in the planning process, is the Cultivated Coffee package. This meeting includes 4 hours of time where you can ask us ANYTHING. Just got engaged and you don't know where to start? Let's chat! You're in the middle of planning and you are stuck on a few details? No problem! Let us help. This package is designed for the person or couple who just needs a little push to start. We will meet with you and help you work it out so your day can go as smoothly as planned! The first round of coffee (or cocktails) is on us!

We Will Expose You to New Ideas

A lot of couples spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram. While those are great sources of inspiration, a planner will have countless of other beautiful and practical ideas, many of which can't be found online. Whether you are wanting a unique color palette, or an eye-catching photo backdrop, give us the chance to brainstorm something that will blow you away!

We Will Help You Enjoy Your Day

You can feel free to think of us as your safety net. If anything happens to go wrong (and trust us, no matter how well you plan, something typically does) we are there to troubleshoot it. No one will be coming to you with issues, asking you questions, or bothering you with any problems. On your wedding day, we are going to task you with soaking up every last memorable second - we will handle the rest. Working with us means you get to spend extra time with your loved ones instead of worrying about why the cake is 10 minutes late, or the missing flower arrangement on table 8. We will handle all of that. Trust us on this - you will want some help on your wedding day. After all, it is going to be one of the happiest days of your life!

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