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It’s All in the Details

Cultivated Events Co. specializes in the art of celebration. We love planning and designing, but the best aspect of our job is actually being there to see the magic come to life. It helps remind us that the events we are cultivating are celebrations of communities of love that surround each and every one of our clients. We make sure to tailor every bit of the planning and design process to your individual needs, in order to create an event that is authentic to you. When the day of your celebration arrives, we want you to step back and take it all in — we’ll handle the rest.

co-founders of Cultivated Events Co., Molly Reiher and Marisa Douty, standing together with a stunning floral arrangement in fron of them. Molly is wearing black and white blazer. Marisa is wearing an orange shirt and a black blazer.  The background features a stunning peice of artbook with moody tones.


Weddings, Events, Styled Shoots

Cultivated Events Co.'s co-owners, Molly Reiher and Marisa Douty arranging a charcuterie board. The board is on a vintage table. Molly and Marisa are both wearing white dresses and white heels.


Marisa & Molly

Getting married is such a monumental moment in one's life. It represents the beginning of a new chapter with the person you want by your side forever. There is such a beautiful bond that comes with planning an event to celebrate and showcase your love. Oftentimes, this can be overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of moving parts to facilitate. Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to begin. This is where we come in! Every couple we work with has a unique vision of what they want their wedding to look like. Cultivated Events Co. celebrates this by diving deep into each partner's cultures, values, tastes, preferences, and traditions. This allows us to cultivate an event that is true and authentic to YOU. 

Our Work


A white vintage plate with floral designs. On the plate is a variety of loose flowers in different colors: red, pink, orange, white. Silverware is laid out on each side of the plater. There is a bottle of perfume in the top left corner. The top right corner has a pink and white macaron, a pink wax seal, and a card with the word "macaron" on it. The card is clear and the writing on the card is blue.
A bride in a longsleeved white gown holding a bouqet. The bride is on the stairs and is looking away from the camera.
A groom dressed in a white shirt and black pants. He is leaning on a railing and looking at the camera. There is a large floral arrangement in the background.
A white vintage plate with a yellow striped napkin and another small plate on top of it. There is a  pink vintage glass, a martini glass, and a yellow vintage glass off to the site. You can also see a few stems of flowers laid across the table.
A groom opening a bottle of rose. Heis wearing a white shirt and a watch. There is an orange candle flickering in front of him.
A groom kissing his bride on the cheek. The bride is looking at the camera. They are both engulved in her veil that is blowing in the wind.

Cultivated Events Co

"When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love."
- Lana Del Ray

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